Jan 24, 2023
I have a pain in the tooth I marked in red and in its area while drinking hot and cold, do you think there is a hole in the tooth or its root, and what treatment do you think is needed,
I have attached a marked and unmarked x-ray so as not to hide the tooth.
Best regards .
The tooth has a large composite filling. How long ago was that done?
You have periodontal bone loss around many teeth. Have you had periodontal disease? Has it been treated and brought under control?
Do you get food stuck around this tooth?

I thank you for your consideration.
This is a temporary filling probably from more than fifteen years ago .
Allocation of gums was performed a year ago.
Yes, food gets stuck around the tooth .
do you think there is a hole in the tooth or its root, and what treatment do you think is needed ?
Best regards .


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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Have you been to a dentist? Were pulp tests performed on the tooth? It does have a large filling close to the mesio-buccal pulp horn, which might lead to pulpitis. If the pulpitis is irreverible, a root canal could be indicated. There is also a possibility of gingival recession due to your history of periodontal disease, which might mean exposed areas of dentine leading to sensitivity to temperatures.
Unfortunately, for an accurate diagnoses in a case like this, a clinical examination is also needed. To many variables to consider.


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