Teenager, Tooth erupting through palate

Mar 23, 2021
Can this just happen naturally, without having surgury, and once its fully erupted, have removed? Not in a lot of pain, just bothered its there. It's near front on mouth by two front teeth.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day
You might have to see a dentist about this to determine if these teeth are only supernumaries ( extra teeth ) or actually normal teeth that are undergoing ectopic eruption. ( eruption out of the normal arch).
If these are normal permanent teeth, it might be a good idea to undergo an orthodontic evaluation, to see if these teeth can be moved back into the arch with braces, or if they can be extracted and then the remaining teeth only moved to close any potential gaps.
If they are indeed supernumaries, they can be extracted, especially if they are going to compromise the remaining teeth and/or tissues surrounding the teeth.
Best to get an opinion from your usual dentist or orthodontist.

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