Single tooth sudden pain and sensitivity

Mar 13, 2021
Four days ago, during dinner I noticed that my top middle left tooth (Central Incisor (?)) hurts when I drink water. My teeth have been a little sensitive to cold drinks for a long time (nothing out of the ordinary), but this was very different, It was actual pain and increased sensitivity, but only in one single tooth. It hurts when I eat, when I drink, and sometimes when I'm outside (I have a feeling this is caused by the cold air, but I could be very dumb).

I called my healthcare system and spoke to a doctor, he said that I should buy a special toothpaste (Meridol) and start using mouthwash, so I've started using it for the past four days. It feels a little better, but the pain comes and goes. Every day since it started I've woken up earlier because I can feel it, and I'm a little freaked out that this might just be the new normal.

The annoying part is that I went to a standard inspection three weeks ago and the doctor said everything was fine (even got a radiography), I just need to get some plaque cleaned , so I'm not sure that going to another apointment will help me out.

Additional information: don't drink, don't smoke, no illnesses, 22, male, brushes regularly, had braces and still have retainers (permanent metal bars behind my teeth), looks like I have some gum recession but like I said the doctor thought everything looked fine, teeth sometimes bleed when I brush.

Is there anything I can do? Will this just go away after some time? Is this at all common?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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