Strange "tooth" between lower front in 4 yr old

Apr 8, 2019
Curiosity question. My 4yr old, 7months, just lost her first tooth, top center left, rather quickly. Took about 3 days to go from solid to out... which seemed fast. She mentioned her bottom tooth, 2 off the center line was sore last night. Upon closer inspection this morning I noticed a VERY small white "tooth" that was loose in between her front left baby teeth. It's exactly where you would find your gums extended between the teeth, about the size of a pencil lead. It's very loose, and appears to be almost like a micro tooth pushing up between her baby teeth, not in front or behind. Imagine the broken tip of a pencil max, it's about that size, seated in her gums between her 2nd and 3rd lower front teeth. If she would let me touch it, I bet it would come out. The 2 surrounding teeth are still firmly seated. If she continues to express discomfort I will take her to the dentist immediately but I was just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before. Just seems odd... any information is appreciated. Thanks~

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