Strange tooth problem

May 17, 2018
Not sure what exactly im asking here or who im asking but here goes maybe someone can point me in the right direction,,it started off with a standard toothache which ive had a few times before in other teeth with no problems,,,tooth filled and say no more about it,,,,anyways this filling was done with a medicated filling on one of my upper left molders just to be sure it didn't need removing,,,so 3 weeks later the filling held up so that was removed and a permanent one put in place,,,,

So while i was in the chair we agreed to do a filling on the tooth next which was another molder and also while i was in the chair i had a noticeable cavity on my tooth up the front to the left of my front teeth,,sure why not i was numbed up and they might as well,,

But this is the problem my front area has not being the same since i was fine going in and bad coming out,,,it is really hard for me to explain this,,but ill try,,,the tooth that was filled up front felt weak like when i press my teeth together there was no strength in that particular tooth,,if i move my mouth into different positions like if i went to smile it would feel like a lump or something hard in my gums or face,,,if i stroke my tongue across the tooth i get a weird sensation feeling like my gums are raw just for a second,,,, if i floss around the area especially around that front tooth its like something balloons and pressure is applied to the tooth which feels like my front tooth beside the one filled as if it wants to fall out very uncomfortable,,,and very worrying,,im on pins and needles there is a small niggle pain but more so always got to do with pressure,,,it is really getting to me,,,

I have gone back to my dentist who has took xrays and has advised me everything looks well,,,now i left this bit out,,,my original dentist was wall to wall busy and because i was in so much pain with my molder that time i didn't see a problem going to another local dentist,,,,so after returning to my original dentist to get everything checked the only thing she can suspect is nerve damage she had prior cleaned up the work of the previous dentist because i don,t think she was to happy with the work,,

Anyway so here i am off now to see a specialist,,,,,,now just to mention not sure if any use but over 20 years ago i got rooth can done on my 2 front teeth due to a accident but never had any trouble with them up until my visit,,,,sorry folks but maybe theres a genius out there that can point me in the right direction,,,,


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