Stains or damaged tooth enamel

Feb 28, 2024
Recently i realised my teeth got stained very rapidly. Initially i thought it was just stain from food as i started drinking black tea recently. So i tried cleaning it with baking soda but the stain doesn’t go. Then i looked very closely and i feel it is not a stain but maybe caused due to damage i enamel. It looks like many thin scratches. Is it possible to cause such stain due to over brushing or aggressive brushing? I try to keep my teeth clean so i brush for long time. Normally twice a day, but sometimes if food is stuck in teeth after lunch/dinner i brush quickly my front teeth. can this be the reason for such dark stains?

Usually i take extra care of my teeth, by regular brushing, using mouth wash and flossing. I also used braces few years back for very slight gaps in between.

I am very scared. I had beautiful teeth even 2 months back. Since it’s in front teeth it looks very bad. Is this a normal thing? Is there any way to fix this with out major expensive cosmetic treatments like replacing teeth or crowns? Can whitening or scaling teeth will clean my teeth?

Please help with some suggestions.

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