Cavity problem, Should I go to the dentist or try home remedies?

Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by haider60, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. haider60


    Apr 1, 2019
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    In my second-last molar teeth cavity started forming few months back. I didn't cared much as it used to happen before and go away on its own. However, yesterday I noticed a tiny black hole in the middle of the teeth, which got me worried. So I was wondering if some flouride treatment and staying away from sugar could get rid of the cavity, or the matter are worse now and I must see a dentist? And if I do have to see a dentist, will he provide some passive solutions or directly use treatments like filling or crown, etc.?
    haider60, Apr 1, 2019
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  2. haider60


    Dec 6, 2017
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    None of the dentists here can reassure you if you don't have an x ray to show. Go to the dentist and have a check up. It does not mean you have to go ahead with treatment. Hopefully it's just superficial and the dentist will put your mind at ease. There are minimally invasive dentists who try to take the most conservative approach. Try to find one.
    Busybee, Apr 1, 2019
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