Should I get a 3rd opinion from another Dentist?

Jan 14, 2019
Hi everyone.
Basically I was hit in the face and my the bone in my gum was swollen at first and then turned into what seems to be a small abscess. I don't really suffer any pain from it (Only if I eat spicy food). My first dentist suggested root canal or to go for an extraction. I was then put on antibiotics and when I went back she said the tooth needed to be removed and it couldn't be saved. I then went to another dentist who said the tooth was fine and he couldn't see anything wrong with the tooth itself and that it could be because my filling is deep into the tooth and also because of the trauma. If worse comes to worse he will do a root canal. He was more bothered about fillings I apparently needed on other teeth. I just want this sorted. Also both x-rays looked very different. Would a 3rd opinion be a safe option?

Thank you
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Mar 18, 2018
Well, here's your 3rd opinion here if you can get up copies of the Xrays. Normally a cold test will help determine if a tooth is abscessed or not; X-rays are not always definitive. How long ago were you hit in the face?


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