Pain/Sensitivity after replacement filling

Apr 23, 2019
I am in the UK and a couple of weeks ago I had three silver fillings replaced with white ones, just for cosmetic purposes. None of them had been giving me any problems at all.
Two of them are just fine, but after my appointment I felt that the bite on the third one was too high (the very back tooth in my lower left jaw). I got another appointment and my dentist fixed the bite so that I couldn’t feel it when I chattered my teeth together - I thought everything was fine.
However, when I got home, I noticed that I was still getting that unpleasant sensitive pain when I chewed. It seems like if there is any pressure on the tooth, it’s extremely uncomfortable.
I called my dentist and she told me just to take painkillers, eat on the other side of my mouth and not to eat anything hard.
I have been doing that, but am still feeling that pain if I accidentally chew on that side of my mouth, and to add to it, I have started to get quite a painful jaw over the past couple of days too.
My dentist is on holiday at the moment so I wanted to ask if this is normal after a replacement filling? I have read that sometimes it can take a few weeks for a tooth to settle down - is that right? Could my jaw just be getting a bit sore because I haven’t been using that side to chew for a couple of weeks? Will this all go away or could something be wrong. I feel a bit confused because before I had the replacements, I had absolutely no issues at all.
I have never really had any problems with my teeth before (and am really wishing that I had just left my silver fillings alone!) and I’m quite worried about this. I wondered if anyone might be able to help put my mind at ease.
Thank you very much.


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
A lot of dentists in the US remove silver fillings and place white fillings even when there are nothing wrong. I'm totally against unnecessary drilling for the reasons you are having. The dentist that replaced your fillings needs to follow you up and understand the trouble you are experiencing.

Best case scenario, your sensitivity and pain should subside.


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