Safest filling option?

Aug 27, 2016
I am very allergic to white composite fillings. I strongly suspect the bpa/acrylates (and possibly other ingredients) are very toxic to my system.

I have 3 small ones (my only cavities), which replaced my old amalgams. 2 fillings are on the buccal (outer wall) surface of both lower 2nd molars. It seems perhaps the extra saliva there (from cheek to tooth contact) causes more leaching of

Are porcelain fillings safe? Do they have any bpa/plastic components? Do they require a bonding agent/glue? If so, what are typical ingredients of that material? Do all porcelain fillings contain radioactive metals such as uranium (to mimic phosphorescence of natural tooth)? How do people typically respond to the uranium and/or other metals?

What about gold fillings? Is palladium in the alloy often a problem? Is metal a bad idea for 2nd molar buccal caries, due to profuse saliva?

I did so much better with my amalgams, however I do recall nervous system symptoms...but mainly back when they were first placed and I had braces over them (30 years ago). Have amalgam ingredients changed? Anything else I need to worry about there? Is mercury release really a major concern? I'm thinking I may not be able to afford porcelain or gold...esp. for future caries (I don't want conflicting metals to create that zap effect in my mouth).

Thank you kindly.

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