Root canal or extraction?

Dec 3, 2021
My tooth gum on second lower molar is painful. Went to dentist and took X-rays. He said x-rays are normal. But gum was so painful when he probed and touched or rubbed those gums.
I have bad breath in the mouth all the time. Even after brushing and using moth rinses. I feel bad taste and smell in the mouth.
What does it mean to have bad breath and bad taste in the mouth ?

Its painful on the distal side of the tooth. And around the gum margin on that tooth. Tapping and pressing that tooth doesn't hurt.

But touching and pressing the gum hurts. It hurts so much in the gum and throbbing like burning pain.

I have yellow hard tartar buildup only on that molar and rest teeth are fine. Have been scheduled for cleaning. Dentist probed that gum and it was so painful and I was screaming with pain.

He sent me to Endodontist and oral surgeon referral. Endo said to try root canal and see if my gum pain gets better. Just like a trial root canal. He said it might or might not help me.

The oral surgeon told me to better extract it as I have extracted the first molar because of same type pain issue. So he said I can better remove this also to see if my symptoms gets better. Been struggling with this pain for more than 3 years. Have chronic jaw pain. I do use a night guard and didn't help much.

No dental work done on 47 except several occlusion grinding adjustments has been done on it as Dr suspect my misaligned bite could be reason for jaw.Did several adjustments and ended up having uneven bite now.

I didn't have any finding on 46 but it was painful for tapping,biting etc.So they did root canal &followed by several retreatments&nothing helped. Did extract # 46, 9 months ago and still have pain in that gum.
Had several cbct& came out normal.

Do I need to do root canal or extraction on 47?
One dentist in reddit forum told me that I have some root stumps left on #48 wisdom extracted region.
I asked about root stumps left on my#48 socket area and my surgeon said he don't see anything like that. Do I need to get second opinion on this? I have severe pain on distal side of 47 gums.

Is extracting 47 a good idea?


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