Removing and re gluing a bridge that has come loose.

Mar 18, 2018
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I have a bridge of 3 that has come loose on the front upper centre smile teeth. This is the second bridge that I have had done in just 4 years. The last being in 2015 August. The bridge has come loose from my own tooth that was pared down while the other abutment is a root canal treated tooth with a fibre post. The bridge is well attached to the fibre post but loose on the other side.
Would it be possible to remove the bridge without damaging the bridge or post and refit/glue? I was considering that if the post broke on removal I might have the root canal treated tooth removed (now there is evidence for dead teeth causing bacteria which in the blood can cause heart attacks and cancer) and a titanium implant fitted. I may have the two done because of the likelihood of a loosening and recurring decay. On the other hand I had thought that having a titanium post fitted if there is such a thing. As it may be easier to remove and refit without breaking if the bridge came loose again. This has happened a number of times throughout my life. I have a second crown on the bottom front which has a metal post, it has been there for over 40 years probably nearer 45 years. It got a chip on the porcelain a couple of years ago and the dentist pared it down removed the crown and fitted new, no problems. Why do I have so much cost and trouble with this bridge? What should I do?


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