Post OP of jawbone scrapping 10.months still tingle pain, burning pain

Jul 17, 2020
Hello guys, Im writing in regards of my wife's complex situation. Long story short is that
1.tooth no7 extraction followed dry socket and infection due pieces of dental drills ledt in the wound.
2.this followed with neuralgia
3.she was having also a bit dislcated tmj disk due extraction and so she was wearing braces for 3.months, then they needed to be taken oit because pain of neuralgia.
No, last year 2020 November she was having surgery of scrapping out the wound in the jaw. But now a 10months later she is still having pain there and also like a vibrating feeling in the jawbone, but none of 10 XRays, 3D scans, MR or CT showed anything, no infection, nothing. All clear.
Any of you had any such a experience of it? Or is it the healing of the jawbone after scrapping, even 10.months after? We went to many, many doctors, also neurologists, but noone coupd say anything. She is having an open bite a bit, maybe that is causing it, or muscles?
Any answer, help, or experience from you I will really appreciate.
Thank you so much and sorry for typos. Im on my phone in the train :)



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Did she ever see a TMJ specialist? I believe she will need a team of specialists to manage her complicated conditions. Hopefully her neuralgia and TMJ dysfunction gets managed which will help her feel better.


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