Periodontitis getting worse

Sep 10, 2020
I was diagnosed with periodontitis about 5 years ago, my dentist then did a deep clean and said my pockets weren't too bad. I have had regular hygenist appointments since then and she has always said they are ok, in fact, last time I saw her she said they looked good. Then lockdown hit and I feel they have deteriorated dramatically I suddenly have massive gaps either side of my two front teeth and just know things aren't good. I did have them cleaned by a hygenist ( a new one)on Monday and she didn't really say anything except come back in three months instead of six. My dentists in the last few years have been next to useless and I can't see one at the moment anyway. I think I need to see an expert but am terrified they will say there is nothing they can do. Anybody had similar and been saved? I am in the UK by the way , near Birmingham.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
It is important to know how stable your probing readings are. The lower the number, the better. Also, it is important to see how much bone support your teeth has. Are there a lot of bone loss (recession)? Bone loss cannot be regained so it is important that bone levels remain stable. If possible, have the same hygienist probe your gums every time to establish consistent readings. Any readings greater than 5 mm can be a problem. Also, bleeding during probing indicates active disease. If you can provide probe readings as well as full mouth x-rays, we can better assess your gum and bone status.

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