Pain in old/new filling

Dec 18, 2022
I have a filling on my bottom molar which started giving me a bit of intermitent pain. I noticed if i pressed on the front of the filling i got a sharp pain but it did not keep me awake at night or bother me constantly. I also noticed food got trapped between my teeth in this area.
I went and got the filling checked/x-rayed by a stand in dentist at my practice and there were no issues found so he just ground a bit off as he thought it could be a bit high.
After a few weeks/months the pain did not go away when I pressed on the filling or bit on something hard so a visited my dentist again (my actual dentist this time) who did more x rays on the tooth/root and again could not find anything wrong as there was no inflamation and the filling was quite far away from the living part of my tooth.
As food was getting trapped in between my teeth in the area my dentist decided to re-do the filling to help with that problem and to make sure there was no other issue with the filling.
It has been a week since the filling and I still get the pain when pressing/biting on the filling exactly the same if not slightly worse than before.
What can be causing this issue if the filling is no where near the nerve and no cracks are visible?

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