Pain and bite issue after getting crown

Oct 28, 2021

I have been having a lot of issues ever since I got a crown earlier this year. I think the crown was too big and tall and that caused me to crunch my teeth while I sleep at night. The crown is on upper back tooth on the right. I also had pain on the crowned tooth from the day I got the crown prep done and the pain never went away to this day. The pain was focused around the crown at first, but then it spreaded to the entire upper teeth, then to the lower teeth (more like lower jaw bone). I went to many dentists/dental specialists (general, periodontist, orthodontist) but they all told me that it is probably due to the uneven bite.

I had my crown adjusted and my dentist says it is not touching anymore when I bite down, but the bite still feels off. It seems like teeth on both sides of the crown are touching the lower teeth, but it does not feel like pre-crown bite. And I still crunch my teeth during sleep (I can feel pain/soreness when I wake up). Also, those two teeth do not hurt, but the crown does hurt. Could you please let me know what it can be that is causing the pain? Is it possible that the crown is too wide/tight and it is causing the pain? I noticed that sometimes flossing gets really tight there.

Additional info: The crowned tooth had root canal done by a specialist before the crown was cemented and my dentist says x-ray shows no issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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