Pain after onlay

May 26, 2024
I recently had two onlays. My #6 and 7 teeth on the lower right-hand side had old amalgam fillings from when I was 20 or so and one of them had broken up a bit. So my dentist said I needed both of them replaced (he's always angling for replacing the amalgam as he says they look bad; I don't really care about that as I've had them for 30 years)... and £750 later I had two new onlays. One definitely felt proud when the anaesthetic wore off. I was in pain straight away, and this is on a tooth with no history of pain (and was NOT the one where the filling was starting to break up). It's constant discomfort, and eating or cold makes is really bad - a sharp stabbing pain that takes minutes to subside. I've been taking paracetamol so I can sleep.

Left it a week as my wife said I should see if it settles down, which it didn't. So I called the dentist, went back a couple of days later with my concerns, and was asked to sign a root canal authorisation before I'd even seen the dentist, which I refused to do (as aside from anything else the paperwork said I'd seen the dentist and discussed the situation and my questions had been answered, none of which was true).

So he dressed the proudness (took three goes to do it), plus there was some (UV?) light shone in there as well. He gave me a week's course of antibiotics. I'm a few days in and there's no change, and if I continue on his suggested course then I'll be back in for a root canal, and according to his price list this will be at least £650 for this.

I don't see why a tooth with no history of pain or tenderness would suddenly start hurting unless something was wrong with the inlay? When I brought this up with the dentist he just sidestepped the question with a "not every procedure works every time" kind of answer.

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
It does sound like the nerve was damaged. Drilling on a tooth, if there is no clear indication to do so, unfortunately always caries a risk. The risks, as well as possibility of a root canal, should have been discussed with you as part of the informed consent process,


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