On the right path towards Dentistry

Nov 18, 2017
Hello again everyone!
So as I mentioned in my introduction I'm very familiar with the dental field. I don't want to be an RDA forever and so I have a plan to become a dentist one day. The thing is I'm not sure exactly which route I want to go and I'm hoping I can get some feedback from fellow dentists who can shed some light. See, I'm thinking of becoming a telecommuting dentist because I want to do the following:

1) Travel. I don't want to just stick to one office, location, etc.
2) Have a flexible schedule. I don't want to work weekends and I want to be able to fix up my own schedule.
3) Be my own boss. I want to just go in, do my work, and leave. I don't want to take orders from any other dentist or help clean rooms, etc.
4) Not deal with the stress of owning a dental practice NOR dealing with the stress of working for a company/corporate office.

I'm not sure exactly what the pros & cons are for a telecommuting dentist; obviously I'm only guessing what I believe might be things to think about. There might be something I'm missing. I want to be allowed the freedom that I may not get working at an office or corporate. I work for a corporate office right now (before that I worked at a private office) so I have an idea of what I do and don't want. I want to travel, afford a truck (my dream car lol), be able to treat myself (and my family) to vacations sometimes, not live paycheck to paycheck, and just live a comfortable life. Again, I'm not sure if what I'm imagining is realistic for a dentist, but that is why I'm here...to get the information I need. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread!


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