Need Advice. Is my Periodontist taking advantage of me?

Oct 26, 2021
I've been seeing the same Periodontist for years. Early on, I had complained about him extracting a tooth without consulting with me. I wrote a bad review on his Yelp site prompting him to offer me a discount to remove the review. I thought this could be a red flag but continued to get cleanings from his office. Fast forward to today, I was told that I needed gum surgery and it was covered by my insurance. During the procedure, he performs a bone graft and uses a laser to sterilize, both not covered by my insurance and ending up costing me over $1000 out of pocket. Is he doing what's best for me regardless of cost?
I just don't know and need advice.


Dec 25, 2021
I have no idea whether or not he is doing what is best for you regardless of cost, but I personally could not tolerate or stay with a health care practitioner with a history of performing procedures on me without my consent.


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