Need advice badly!

Mar 21, 2021
Hello im new around here, im not sure if these forums are for england or not but i am in need of general advice. Im not registered at a dentist atm but am working on it! my area is notorious for being a pain to get a dentist.
I have a broken rooting wisdom tooth, this tooth has a nerve exposed somewhere which occsionaly if i accidentally eat on that side gets agitated by sugar or whatever im not really sure, but boy do you feel it! its the most intense sharp stab in my jaw that can last from seconds to hours!, its so bad i had to ring 111 "none emergency line in england" for help, and each time they have sent me to a dentist the only thing that happend was this : first appointment the dentist sprayed the tooth with air to see if it was the cause, he then sent me home when it hurt, second appointment he took a good look at the tooth explained it needed removing "i knew this anyway" and prescribed me duraphat 5000 toothpaste to be used twice a day and do also use it like a cream and apply it to the tooth in question. My issue - is it supposed to hurt like someone took a knife and stabbed me with it when i apply the duraphat toothepaste onto the tooth, as from what i know the gritty feeling in the toothpaste gets into the tiny holes in the tooth and then hit the nerve causing the intense pain.
Unfortunatly the tooth is damaged to the point a filling wont stick to it so they cant do that, but they also wont remove the tooth unless im registered or pay them £200+ to get it done. Please i need advice! Thank you.

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