Mysterious decay under bridge

May 14, 2019
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I had an unusual situation in my dentist's office last week (by his admission). During a routine check-up I told him I had sensitivity to air blown over a tooth and it being pressured/examined. The tooth has a bridge built on it. The dentist put floss under the bridge where the (adjacent) tooth is missing, then wiggling the floss back and forth he was able to go through the tooth (the one having sensitivity, holding the bridge) and come out on the other side of that tooth! In other words, the tooth under the bridge/crown has decayed completely! X-ray didn't show anything. MY question is: how is it possible that the tooth has completely decayed and I did not experience much pain or other signs, and my dentist has not noticed it either during regular check-ups at 3 month intervals? Could it be due to poor quality of the bridge work, which the same dentist did 3 years ago?
Thank you so much for all opinions on this.


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