Mysterious inflammation/pressure in molar/sinus for years, no visible infection?

Jun 4, 2024
Thought I'd post here to see if anyone had any thoughts as I've been to 2 dentists, an endodontist, and an ENT, multiple CT scans and no luck! Sorry the description is quite long...

4 years ago I jabbed my molar with a fork, the last one upper right, and believe I caused a hairline crack. Starting that day and for years now on and off I've had a strange sensation of pressure building up there that spreads across the right sinus, causing pain as far as my nose. It comes and goes, doesn't last more than a few days. The crack never showed on an xray/CT but my dentist drilled and bonded the tooth. However the pain kept occasionally recurring for a few days at a time. I saw an ENT to rule out a sinus problem and she saw nothing either. Last year a new dentist recommended a crown to help protect the tooth. 24 hours after she leveled the tooth and fitted me with a temporary I ended up in the ER with a 103 fever, but no visible abscess or drainage. We did a root canal and then refitted the crown, hoping that was that!

Sadly, in recent months the pain has returned and somewhat worse than before. I taste excess saliva, occasionally metallic. Much worse when lying down to sleep. But no sensitivity when biting or to hot/cold. The endodontist did another CT scan and could see no bone loss or problem with the root canal. He wouldn't really give an opinion as to my symptoms, he just kept telling me that the root canal looked clean and no problems. It feels like an infection, I don't know how to describe it. I don't have a fever or any visible abscess however, I just feel unwell and tired in addition to the sinus and tooth pain.

I've been frustrated because no one will give me an opinion as to what is going on. Is a crack in the tooth irritating a nerve in my sinus? Is there a low grade recurring infection that the CT scan isn't seeing? At this point it feels like extraction is the only option and yet none of the Doctors I have seen will come out and recommend that. They just say "well we don't see anything" *shrug*...
I'm exhausted, worn out, and just feel drained.

thoughts? Thanks in advance...

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