Mouth not open fully after 10 days of RCT - Urgent pls

Feb 23, 2017
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I have undergone through RCT of left bottom last teeth after 10 days ago, after RCT everything went normal but after 3-4 days of RCT their is pain in same side jaw while mouth fully open and it tooks jerk while open, slightly force requires to open mouth increases and now after 8-9 days of RCT , i cant open my mouth fully, in normal opening no pain, no issue.

i am confuse and worried , what to do.

i am in touch with my Dr. also , he told for Gargle with warm water and for Muscle relaxation tablets, i am doing this but found no improvement. He said it is due to Large time mouth opening during treatment or anesthesia injection, will take time to be normal.

Needs advice urgently pls, i am worried because i am unable to take food properly and in future will it be ok.

Any exercise requires ?

Vadodara - Gujarat - India


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