Invisilign and composite bonding

Aug 19, 2023
Hi, I recently had a consultation for composite bonding. I have alot of wear on the enamel of all my teeth causing them to look quite transparent and discoloured.
The dentist recommended express invisilign for three months to align my teeth, at home whitening and then bonding of my top four front teeth. The cost would be £3600. She said the reason why I need invisilign is due to crowding which would cause a stronger likelihood of chipping to the bonding.
I did question the invisilign as my top teeth are very straight and I have always been told that my bite is quite normal. I have a small amount of crowding on the bottom but not major.
I'm also nervous that the whitening may just whiten the enamel I do have and make the weaker enamel look more noticeable. I have raised these concerns with her and she said she is confident of a good result.
Can anyone give their opinion on whether invisilign is normally used prior to bonding, my concern on the whitening and if the price seems in line with standard prices. Thanks


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