Invisilign and composite bonding

Aug 19, 2023
Hi, I recently had a consultation for composite bonding. I have alot of wear on the enamel of all my teeth causing them to look quite transparent and discoloured.
The dentist recommended express invisilign for three months to align my teeth, at home whitening and then bonding of my top four front teeth. The cost would be £3600. She said the reason why I need invisilign is due to crowding which would cause a stronger likelihood of chipping to the bonding.
I did question the invisilign as my top teeth are very straight and I have always been told that my bite is quite normal. I have a small amount of crowding on the bottom but not major.
I'm also nervous that the whitening may just whiten the enamel I do have and make the weaker enamel look more noticeable. I have raised these concerns with her and she said she is confident of a good result.
Can anyone give their opinion on whether invisilign is normally used prior to bonding, my concern on the whitening and if the price seems in line with standard prices. Thanks
Jan 9, 2024
[ Trust your intuition. Yes that's an 'average' cost for Invisalign. Mine was $4,000 U.S.D. But all I really needed was to repair the broken bonding that was gumming up my teeth, doing similar to what you described.

A theory I have is that maybe the wifi signals held on our handhelds on the mouth, and the 2020 release of 5-G is causing a worldwide problem of melting slightly old or fractured cosmetic bondings via the polymers, Poly(acrylic acid) that polymerize and change the gum-jaw-electromagnetic-bite-balance when the inflammation on the solar plexus causes tension on the corresponding organ, the mouth and teeth. But I'm not totally sure.

Why are you getting a composite bonding? is it broken or cosmetic reasons? Is this a concern about how you look or rather how your jaw functions? because it could make things much worse if it's not integrated properly and.... Which kind of composite material are they recommending? Glass-ionomer fillings only last about 3-5 years before they become susceptible to wear and tear according to some blogs I've read about their longevity. DOn't go down this road of adding synthetic stuff to your body if you absolutely can just stay with how you look and stay fully functional that way haha.

My composite bonding on tooth 10, [the other one broke off completely] is polymerizing, like I said above, of which the acrylic or whatever it is has caused much more wear on my teeth, so it seems similar to your second phrase "a lot of wear on the enamel of all my teeth." otherwise, don't we all have wear on our teeth? so isn't it likely that something abnormal is happening? but I don't know there could be other factors.

So, what is the reason for the bonding? do you have jaw-pain? if you don't need a bonding, why do you need invisalign? Because I've already made that mistake before.

I wouldn't use bamboo or charcoal toothpaste, I've done that before. It's really just damaging and feels awful. I don't see the point in whitening. There are records of aboriginals who lived long lives without dental care but also didnt' eat refined flour and they didn't have the whitest teeth. so white teeth doesn't necessarily mean healthy or strong teeth, it just is a standard held by traditional dentists. Even normal toothpastes like Crest have all sorts of things that biodentistry has claimed is harmful and abrasive. A dentist in texas recommends using just baking soda and coconut oil as toothpaste and I've tried it. It works great but for now it's degrading my bonding further. I also use Dr. Christopher's natural toothpaste and the natural herbs like cinnamon also desensitize the teeth, just as they did for ancient Egyptians who used cinnamon on their teeth.
: good-luck & : trust: your-gut.


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