Jun 24, 2020
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Good Morning
I need Implants on upper and lower jaw, I have asked my dentist if he can refer me to a dental training hospital but he will not he said he could do implants for £14000,I have been to a private dentist and they say that this is what I need but the cost is up to £30000.
Due to my teeth being so bad and painful and a badly fitted denture on the upper jaw that falls down at least 3 times in a day, even with Fixodent, it has been realigned and teeth added to it over 5 years because of my gums shrinking,and teeth coming out, it has lead me to having low self-esteem and no confidence and I'm embarrassed, my marriage is falling apart, I don't have a job, and I have no money, I cannot get finance, and do not know what to do.
If you can help or point me in the direction of someone who could, I would be extremely grateful. This is what has been proposed

Thank You





Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
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Since you have no money and no job, you may need to consider not having implants and get a new denture made at a teaching facility like Dental Schools. I am not sure about the NHS in England. Implants are elective and usually you need to pay out-of-pocket.

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