I'm Not Just a Casual Passerby...

Nov 26, 2016
I'm here because my life has been ruined by a dental situation (both because I have allowed it to, and because of a host of complexly intertwined accidents, procedures gone wrong, steps along the process, degrees of distress caused, optimism/hopelessness of a succesful end result, along with a host of other factors and variables which have thrown such dental drama & trauma my way. I've been delaying joining a forum and posing a question about it, because it's just such a long story and there is so much to mention. On the other hand, if I could mention as little as possible, and yet have someone find me a solution, I would be just as happy! Although, anyone interested in the study of dentistry, even remotely, is likely to garner interest from my case just because it's so extensive, unique and encompasses so many areas of dentistry, arousing so many questions and curiousities.

I guess I'll start off by just sending you a snippet of an email I wrote my Mom in 2012 (at the peak of my 'drive for complete dental resolution and solution stage... still optimistic, and throwing all of my cards on the table, believing that this problem was one I'd be able to manage and put behind me. One small note... Here we are in April 2017... The stage I've been residing in the past few years or so has been one of depressing acceptance and resignation. Tried everything. Dentistry (from mainstream to holistic and everything in between) has to offer. My situation is worse than it;s ever been. No teeth, STiLL constant pain (the only way I keep from going INSANE from the CONSTANT, yet dull, throbbing which consumes most of my sensory input (not a psychological thing, it's a dental thing. if you felt what i'm feeling in my mouth, in my gums/teeth (#26 in particular, as well at 23 on a much lesser scale), you'd be going through the SAME thing I have been, because there is NO ignoring this. i don't care how devout a philosopher or stoic you are, this is REAL yet thusfar UNEXPLAINED pain. I have a dental mouthguard which had been made by a neuromuscular dentist (main idea behind this field is that correcting a bad bite (malocclusion) would allow the body to return to a state of relaxed synchronicity and balance. I USED to wear the guard at night, in an effort to train my myofascial muscles to be relaxed overnight. Now, I wear the guard 24/7, because it is the only thing which blocks the sensation of pain and discomfort.


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