I know my teeths bad but just how extreme is it? pics)

May 5, 2014
So the pics i included are front facing, my top teeth and bottom teeth( ive had molars removed from each side of my lowed teeth) , anyway im 16 and i just hate my smile so so so much, the back of my teeth are horrible and I jusr hate the feeling of them. I use to be big on fizzy drinks and kind of chewing stuff when i get distracted so maybe thatswhy but i stopped both of those now and its not improving too much, I dont grind from what im aware off, dont smoke, Im getting a root canal on Tuesday also but I just wish i could get all my other teeth fixed up too and my dentist always kind of sugarcoats the problems and i never know what I need to get done, I really want veneers on my top 6 but not sure how that would fix the back of the teeth, so anyway what im really expecting as a answer is which of my teeth need work done on and what kind of work so I can just get a happy smile again 20140505_051920-1.jpg 20140505_051649-1.jpg 20140505_052005-1.jpg
Apr 2, 2014
Your dentist probably has a complete set of x-rays for you. These would be needed to give you a complete diagnosis. Since you didn't post any x-rays, you should ask your dentist to give you a written treatment plan that explains all of the work that you need done and the cost. Once you have a treatment plan, you can have your teeth restored at your own pace.


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