How Long Will Sensitivity Last After Filling?

Jun 4, 2017
I had a very deep cavity in molar fixed. The decay was too close to pulp to risk complete caries removal so she only gently drilled the worst and used manual excavator leaving some affected dentine inside. Then a CaOH was applied (indirect pulp cap) and a permanent composite restoration. She warned that pain for more than 2 days may indicate irreversible pulpitis.

Before the procedure the tooth had no symptoms until slight cold sensitivity was triggered by an extreme cold test and percussion test (only hurt after the cold blast) at the dentist examination. It recovered over about 4 weeks to be symptom free prior to the filling procedure.

3 weeks after the procedure I have cold sensitivity (rinsing with water or drinking) worse than before the procedure and got a little pain from piping hot food touching that tooth. The rest of the time it is pain free. The sensitivity seems to be very gradually decreasing (it is about 1/3 less bad now than in the first week.

How long can it take for sensitivity to subside? How can I tell if it is irreversible?

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