Prolonged tooth sensitivity - need help

Aug 16, 2016
Need advice on an ongoing dental issue I am having. I noticed some sensitivity about 2 months ago when drinking something cold (seemed to be upper right wisdom tooth/jaw). This rapidly became very painful when drinking anything cold or when I felt a cold breeze.

I went to the dentist and they gave me a filling. I was told to come back if the pain persisted. It did so they extracted my wisdom tooth (this has healed perfectly now).

The good news is this has removed about 85% of the pain. However there is still some throbbing occasionally when drinking chilled water and encountering cold air. Also there’s slight pain when chewing. The pain comes and goes. Sometimes I’m fine sometimes not.

I saw another dentist twice and first they gave me some antibiotics (amoxicillin). These didn’t work. This dentist has now referred me to a hospital as he said there is nothing else he can do. Normally waiting time is 25 weeks to see a specialist (NHS) at this hospital.

Throughout the whole time I have been taking ibuprofen and co-codomol which have done nothing to relief the pain. On every dental appointment they have been taking x-rays and each dentist has said the pain doesn’t match the x-ray (I shouldn’t be in pain according to them).

I have been researching irreversible pulpitis and this seems to fit with the symptoms I am currently having.
The pain is bearable and only lasts for a few minutes once the cold stimulus has been removed. It is uncomfortable still however. Would anyone agree that this could be the case? Is there anything I can do to speed up the progress?

Kind Regards


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