Holes from wisdom tooth surgery not healed/still hurts

Nov 20, 2022
I got four of my wisdom teeth removed about six days ago and I expected to be fine by today, but for the past couple of days, the bottom left part of my wisdom tooth extraction still hurts.

I went to the dentist about three days after the surgery because it still hurt badly, and I thought that I had a dry socket on my bottom left, but he told me it was fine and I just had food stuck in there, and I was using the weird syringe thing that they gave me wrong (I was supposed to use it by putting it in the actual holes where my teeth were).

But even after three days of healing and using the syringe correctly, my bottom left part still hurts while the other sides feel completely healed and free of pain. I still have a hard time eating food, and I woke up today in a lot of pain.

I don't think I have a dry socket, because from all accounts the holes staying there for some time is normal, and a dry socket is extremely painful for long periods of time, but I can't get it out of my head that the blood clots in my jaw popped somehow. I'm scared to eat food and use the syringe during the worst part of my day.

Is there anything that you guys can come up with? Is this normal?

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

It does sound like you have a dry socket. It is not normal for food to get trapped in the sockets and often leads to dry socket formation. If you wake up in a lot of pain, I would suggest seeing the dentist again.


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