Hello, Im new here trying to get a answer.


Jul 19, 2015
I have never had good luck with my teeth and now in my older age (41) im having other problems like uncontrolled blood sugar. I do believe a lot of problems are linked to your teeth in one way or another. Anyway i had my #2 pulled and come to find out i had a extra root. So maybe I have a extra root on my #15 tooth. Had a root canal on it a couple years ago and i am just now getting my crown started and when he started i could feel it so he numbed it. Its been a few days since and I had it done and i had to take advill to sleep last night. I told him about my #2 tooth and he looked at my exrays and didnt seem concerned. So does anyone think their is a 4th root causing a little infection and should i push for more exrays before i get my crown put on. My dentist is pretty old and cheep 590 for my crown.

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