Have some whitish pink thing on my tongue which looks puffy.

Mar 30, 2023
I have some white thing on my tongue. it's been same size for many months now. noticed this last year. same size. hurts if I touch or rub with fingers. always erected straight and skin just attached to the tongue. it's white in color like white color round at the bottom of that blister and on top of it is pinkish white color. what to do for this? is this something serious?

I have chronic jaw and tooth pain for 3 years for which I had several dental work. no relief though. then noticed this tongue blister. don't know how it's formed. Any thoughts on this please. what to do for this? it's so tiny and hurts very sore if I touch. I tried to prick it out but I couldn't.

It's so puffy white color at the bottom. It hurts to touch and rub. Top of that blister looks pink but the bottom is white color and puffy/bulgy.
It's been same size for many months now.

Any thoughts please. What to do about this. Adding images of it.

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