had a tooth pulled today have questions

Aug 28, 2014
hello i had a molar in the bottom left side of my mouth pulled out today. they said it was a tooth plus a root tip it was the second to last tooth in the lower left side they also gave me stiches in my mouth i had tooth pulled yesterday around 4pm my question is this im using the gauze they gave me and after 8 hours my mouth is still bloody i am changing the gauze out every 45mins like my dentist said should i still have as much blood as i do never had stiches before at least not after having a tooth pulled when can i expect the blood to subside?

i also took 4 ibuprofen today after my dental appt as i wasnt able to get to the pharmacy before the numbness wore off could this be causing the extra blood?

update its now 2am and im bleeding more then i thought the blood also looks like its cawagulating or something the last slimy gooey blood i gently let fall into the sink with out spitting was the size of a quarter
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