Depressed Over Needing A Tooth Pulled

Mar 20, 2016
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I went to the dentist a few day ago and I was told one of my front teeth either need to be extracted or to have a root canal done. I would have zero issues with a root canal - I have had a few of them and even had one on this tooth before - but the price would be the issue. $35 to get a tooth pulled is easier to cover right now rather than the $700+ for the surgery. But I am just anxious and depressed over losing the tooth for good.

I have had bad teeth most of my life and it's always made me very self conscious. Twice in my life I have had major work done and in 2009-2011 I had a great dentist who did a massive restoration plan and they redid fillings all the time which was the first time in my life I was able to manage to have a nice smile. It was insanely costly but at that point in my life it was manageable but my life changed greatly between then and now. Stay at home mom without insurance is a lot different!

I lost a canine tooth back in 2002 I think it was. I got a flipper made but if I took it out for even just overnight I couldn't get it back in for the life of me. My dentist got really crabby about me coming back out all the time to have it looked at so I just gave up. I was too embarrassed about the missing tooth that within weeks I convinced my parents to home school me so I wouldn't have to go anymore and I just had a rough time. I never wanted to even leave the house or see anyone and it took years for me to go back to having anything close to a life. It would be the end of my teenage years for when I moved, got a job and started being part of society again and just accepted the missing tooth.

When I met my previously mentioned awesome dentist she said the space for the canine was too small for an implant unless I got braces first because my bite had changed so I put that on the back burner for the time. She had told me getting a new flipper made was also not going to work but then she told me to come in one day and said they would at least try because they knew I was going to see my family the next month for the first time in six years. Two days later I had a flipper and it was perfect. Happiness galore.

I was told I can get my front tooth removed and they would make me a new flipper. I do have to be enrolled with their company (meeting is tomorrow) in order to get one made (which is also making me nervous). I'll hopefully have prices on it after that - which is what I was waiting on before getting it pulled - but in any event I will have at least a few days without a flip and even so the idea of losing the tooth just stresses me out.

I always wear my flipper, no one in my life really knows I wear one. My husband knows I have one for a missing tooth but not even he has seen me without it in.

I don't drive and my son is in preschool otherwise I would probably ask him to go see his parents while I had everything done but alas... hiding out in bed and avoiding talking or when I do putting a hand over my mouth sounds like nothing I am looking forward to.


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