Had a root canal, now tooth feels as if it's going to fall out?

Oct 1, 2013
So I had my first root canal done about 4 months ago at a local "holistic" dentist. I was sedated for the procedure and it was painless, quick, and nothing to worry about. However, a few days before I had the procedure done, I realized there was a small gap between my tooth and the gum line. I didn't think of anything of it because I figured if it was something that needed to be taken care of, my dentist would have informed me about it. Well now it's been a few months and the gap seems bigger than it was initially. I am fearing that the tooth is going to fall out while chewing or something.

My question is, if I go to the dentist (which I will be soon) will he have to just extract the tooth? Or is there something else that can be done to save it? I feel like he should have told me about the gap seeing as how a few days before I had the root canal he checked all my teeth and never mentioned a thing. I'd hate to have paid for a root canal only to realize that if I just got my tooth extracted in the first place I would have saved myself money.

Thanks for any help you all may have. This is my first post here, but it's something I really want answers to.

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