Extraction, cry, or both?

Jan 17, 2023
When I was young, there was a period of time where I did not take good care of my teeth. Next thing I knew, my dentist was telling me that I had multiple cavities that needed to be filled, and I got many of them filled.

Fast forward to my 21 year old self and I don’t eat on my left side due to pain and sensitivity from cavities that were filled and my far top right molar (2nd molar) was extracted.

But my life seems to want to get worse at 22 as I have now discovered a hole on the side of my tooth…similar to the one I got removed….. right next to now removed tooth (1st molar on top right). On top of that, I think I have found another big cavity on the side of my tooth on the 1st molar on the bottom right (metal taste when i run my tongue along the tooth and felt with a dentist tool) AND I still don’t eat on my left side due to sensitivity.

The reason why I got the first tooth extracted was because all the cavities I have gotten done have only seem to make my teeth worse (and have been no help), because my sister had a bad experience with the root canal, and because of the placement of the cavity.
The extraction healed really nicely and the process wasn’t even bad. It was the only thing that stop the pain for obvious reasons.
I would LOVE to extract these molars on the right and the 2 bottom molars on the left that cause the most pain but I know that I cannot. Even if I did, I know I would have to get implants on at least some, and I do not have the funds to pay for implants that are not covered by insurance.

For the past couple years, I’ve been flossing, brushing twice a day and still I am plagued by my earlier teenage years.

What would be the easiest way to deal with all of this??? I am probably going to get a second opinion after my visit because all my dentist really does is shame me and my past decisions but I won’t even be able to go to my dentist until the next month.

Just to note, I have not gotten my wisdom teeth pulled, but they have never caused me any pain or concern.

Please help!!


Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Unfortunately, dentistry is a bit like smash repairs for your car; we can't make it as good as natural tooth, and nothing we do is guaranteed forever. Extraction of back teeth sounds all very well to some patients, but inevitably leads to other issues: can't chew well, can't replace molars with dentures (uncomfortable), start putting pressure on remaining teeth (premolars etc) which aren't built to take heavy biting pressures.
So, yes, go to another dentist and see what can be diagnosed and proposed. Ask friends, family, workmates for suggestions. Ask your existing dentist for copies of your records, including Xrays, and get them sent to the new dentist well in advance of your appt.
Generally wisdom teeth are only going to be a source of problems at some stage in your life, but I don't have the benefit of your Xrays.
Good luck.


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