Extraction and status of wisdom teeth

Nov 25, 2022
I turn to you to kindly have some clarification, given my confusion. English isn't my native language, hope you'll understand.
I suffer from a problem of halitosis located in the area (lower arch) between the impacted wisdom teeth and the last molars. Every time I brush and floss there, I notice that there are residues of food, but even after cleaning the pungent smell remains.
I have made several visits and received mixed opinions.
Basically, there are those who have told me that the included wisdom teeth are decayed, while others have not seen anything; only one person has told me that they are decayed and a cyst is also present near one of them.

You can well understand that I find it difficult to entrust myself to someone without knowing if there is actually a cyst, or if reaches some conclusions only thanks to my indications, which sounds decidedly not reassuring.
Can anyone give me some confirmation?

Also I would kindly need another clarification: with the extraction I have been told that there is a risk of damaging the nerve and losing sensation in the jaw and lip. Are there any ways or technologies to avoid this risk?

I fully understand that it is not easy to make an accurate analysis from here. I attach the foto of Ortopanoramic and some frames of the Cone beam which I hope I photographed well.

Thank you in advance!



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Apr 24, 2022
Your all 4 wisdom needs to be extracted surgically. I think image is not so clear here , Your cyst is at left side . Your case should be handled by a expert surgeon . Your upper wisdom teeths needs bone grafting along with Extraction


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