Do I have to replace a missing tooth?

Apr 10, 2022
I lost a tooth in my upper left jaw (#12 or #13). I was going to get an extraction and implant but was blown away by the cost - $4,500 + almost $3,000 for the new crown! If I have to choose between a new tooth and a house, I think I'll go for the house.

So here's my question: Suppose I just get an extraction and leave it at that - at least for a few years. I'm not in any pain. I can chew just fine. The missing tooth isn't a cosmetic problem, because it's pretty much out of sight.

Three or four years from now, I'll probably need additional dental work - a crown or another implant, for example. I could then join all the other dental tourists who flock to Mexico for their dental care.

Is this a workable solution, or are there some problems I should know about?

I do think an implant would be the best long-term solution. I just can't afford it right now.

Thank you.

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