Unnecessary Replacement fillings leading to 2 dead teeth

Dec 4, 2021
Hi forum-ers I have written a complaint letter to my dental office in Canada which explains my experience. Would love some feedback. I am a dual British canadian citizen. This was my first experience with dentistry in North America and honestly i am gutted

Dear ******

I am writing to address a complaint with you.
Last year I registered at your surgery and was booked a check up with Dr ****. I was surprised when she told me I needed 2 of my larger fillings replaced (due to some hairline fractures on my teeth). As I informed her, these teeth had never given me any pain or problems and the need to replace them had never even been suggested to me by my dentist in the uk who I had last seen approximately 10 months earlier. I asked Dr **** more than once if it was really necessary to replace these fillings and was assured that yes it was. I wish I had gotten a second opinion.
A few weeks after the procedure, the first replacement filling failed. I had irreversible pulpitis which was extremely painful and led to me having to have a root canal procedure (something that I strongly do not believe in).
Fast forward 10 months later, the second filling that was replaced by Dr **** has now also failed. I am experiencing painful sensitivity to hot cold and sweet much like before.
Dr ****performed a bite adjust on my latest visit 2 weeks ago which unfortunately has done very little to ease the symptoms. It now seems that I am looking down the barrel at an extraction and ceramic implant.
Obviously I am extremely disappointed and frustrated. I have been told that there is a higher risk of pulpitis when the filling being replaced is as deep as mine were. If this was the case I feel that this procedure was suggested knowing that there was a high chance that this could be the outcome for me, 1 dead and 1 currently dying tooth. This does not seem like an acceptable risk to me. Sometimes isn’t it better to not fix what isn’t broken?
I would like to let you know that I have now reached out to the College of Dental Surgeons of BC who have suggested I raise my complaint with you first before requesting them to investigate further.

Yours sincerely



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