Difference Between Resin Composite-4+s, and Onlay-Porcelain/Ceramic-2????

May 25, 2018
Hi Everyone,

So I got two different opinions for what I should do with my
Tooth #31 bottom, back, right-side molar, which already has a filling, but has a crack on the backside:

Dentist #1) Surface: DOLB, Code: D2394, Prov: DDS2, Resin
Composite-4+s, posterior, Fee=$162.

Dentist #2) Surface: DO, Code: D2642, Provider: DTS, Onlay-
Porcelain/Ceramic-2, Fee=$624.

So whose recommendation would you all go with? What is the difference in the filling materials? Why are the surface, code, and providers different?

Thanks for your advice....



Dec 6, 2017
If it were my tooth I'd go with the composite and see if that fixes the symptoms. I have had a tooth with a crack successfully treated in this way. I'd personally go for a gold onlay if it's needed further down the line. But hopefully a dentist will answer your query and give you the technical response. Bear in mind that all dentists have their own preferences on such treatment. The composite would be favoured by a conservative dentist because it removes less tooth and that's considered better for the long term health of the tooth. In my case it worked but it really depends on the skill of the dentist because composite as I understand it is not always easy to work with.


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