Looking for an independent opinion on major implant dental work.

Mar 1, 2019
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55 yo female patient, x-ray attached

Looking to fix the teeth with the goal to have a healthy mouth and the beautiful smile.

Here are the treatment plans that I was offered in several clinics in Miami, Florida:

For the lower teeth:

  1. #22 - end/post/crown; extract #29,31; 2 implants, bridge 29-31, bone grafting - $9500

  2. same as above plus anterior crowns - $15,000
For the upper teeth:

  1. Retreat RCT #3,4,10,14; crowns 3-14 - $20,000

  2. Extract posterior teeth, place 4 implants, retreat RCT#10 or extract it, crowns 6-11; implant crowns 2-4, 12-14, bone grafting - $23,500
All on four option ~ $30,000

I don't consider all on four option at all.

I wanted to go with the implants option for the upper teeth, because I believe implants will last longer and will end up being more cost effective and will overall reduce the number of dental visits comparing to retreating root canals.

For the lower teeth I also agree with the treatment plan. However this treatment plan does not include any cover on my lower front teeth which even though are healthy but not straight and are darkly stained. So Paying over $30,000 in total I'm still not getting a beautiful smile. I do not want to place anterior crowns because it is expensive and damages healthy teeth. But for some reason I was not offered an option of veneers.

I would appreciate any comments on the treatment plans and alternatives if there are any. Also please comment on the prices how adequate are they? And what is the most cost-effective way to improve appearance of the front lower teeth?

Thank you



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