Dental Implant Advice Please Help Me Cost UK EU

Jun 3, 2017
Hi everyone i'm 27 and looking at getting an implant now the reason i say immediate is because I've been considering going abroad for the treatment and was hoping i could get it placed then just be careful as to not eat on that side for a few months to help even more in the healing process i'd be careful any probably just drink and eat soft foods to play it safe that is obviously because of the price element in the UK which in my eyes is ridiculous and think it's a mad how much they charge 1500+ then if you need bone grafting an extra 500 quid ludicrous.

So my first question is which country would you recommend in the EU to get it done at cheapest price please it's just a lower right side nobody will see it just i know it's missing and i want to get it put in now after years of putting it off any recommendations on clinics would be appreciated a lot.

Secondly in relation to the above where do they offer a immediate implant in the EU again that is well priced again country and clinic would be great.

Thirdly i'm in Lancashire and if anyone knows of anywhere that offers implants for around £1000 no hassle then and not bothered about immediate i'd be OK with return visits in Lancashire totally OK with that but for around £1000 to make it viable.

Really don't know who to trust these days dentists just seem to give me different opinions all the time different prices one guy said bone grafting comes from a packet that when opened it's immediately £500 on top if you need that which i was totally unbelieving of one said he would do it no problem and place it a little lower so to reduce stress on the tooth, one said don't get implant get a bridge cantilever one said wing bridge another said you need a bone graft which i'm sure i font, then the other one said he'd do it no problems but 2000 standard fee almost fell off my chair.

Help me please I've spent a lot of money already and just want to put an end to all these dental visits and opinions so please help a guy out and make my life a little easier well one less thing to worry about anyway. xxxxx


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