Crown prep step by step

Sep 6, 2017
Hello All,
I would really like to know the basic steps on how the whole crown prep process works, I am getting a little confused and I know there is different ways to go about doing it.
What I think I know:
-Take an alginate impression of both arches with a metal tray (one to help fabricate a temporary crown and one for the opposing arch which the lab will use to pour up a model)
- Anaesthetise, select tooth shade and then prepare the tooth with the high speed handpiece
- apply retraction cord and remove before you take a final impression
- take a final impression using heavy body and light body with a plastic tray (a full tray)
- take a bite registration with jet bite or wax
- using alike or integrity place material in the alginate impression that you took in the beginning, then place that impression in the mouth
- remove and trim
- Send to lab: opposing arch impression, final impression and bite registration

I guess i want to know more or less which materials and trays to use to take the impressions.

- When do you use a quadrant tray (not triple tray)?
- can you use putty instead of alginate to fabricate the temporary crown?
- Anything else to send to the lab? the tray you used to make the temp?

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