Fracture during Crown Preparation?

Apr 29, 2014
Hiyya folks,

The two pre-molars in my upper left jaw have undergone RCT. Both of the teeth have large fillings (70-80%) and have not been crowned. One RCT was done approximately 7 years ago and the tooth restored using amalgam, whereas the other RCT was done approximately 2 years ago and the tooth restored using white composite.

My dentist recommends that both teeth be crowned as soon as possible. I agree with him… However, he has warned me of the high risk that the teeth may fracture during crown preparation and that they ultimately may have to be extracted. I am extremely worried about this outcome.

Could anyone comment upon the risk of fracture during crown preparation for root canalled teeth? How high are the risks and how are they best minimised?

Much appreciated!

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Apr 2, 2014
In my experience this is a rare occurrence. Without seeing your x-ray I can't say for sure, but most crown preps performed by a skilled practitioner are done successfully without the loss of the tooth. Pins and posts can be used to reinforce teeth that have fractured. The tooth can then be built up for a crown. If the fracture occurs in certain areas such as below the bone, the tooth may not be restorable, but that doesn't necessarily happen often.

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