Crown or extract?

Oct 27, 2013
Hello all, I am a 26 year old male that has always had a huge fear of the dentist. Well recently the cavities on all four of my back molars and my wisdom teeth pain was finally enough to push me over the edge. I had my wisdom teeth removed as I was told I needed to in order to have any work done on the back molars. Now 2 of them are very "small" cavities that should be an easy fix, the 3rd is ugly looking but still needs just a crown. The 4th and last though is absolutely terrible looking. I have had this cavity for years so you can imagine its condition. The entire back portion of the tooth and fractured off leaving that nasty black/brown/grayish decay. My dentist has assured me that they can all be saved and no root canals are needed. I asked about extracting at least the 4th since it looked so bad and I just wanted it gone and was told that was a bad idea and completely un needed. I am missing the entire back half of the tooth, leaving only the decay left on the portion. Is this truly still salvageable? I just done want to have the crown done to have to go back later for a root canal or extraction. The tooth is sensitive to cold/hot, but in the X-rays my dentist has showed me it is not yet to the nerve. Has anyone had experience with having a tooth this far gone and crowning it? With the amount of the tooth gone would you recommend extraction? Thanks
Nov 3, 2013
I've felt that it's always preferable to salvage a tooth, if as your dentist says it hasn't reached the nerve I'd go for that option. It does read from your message that your dentist knows what they are doing. If you have doubts, get a second opinion. I'd only look upon an extraction as a last resort.


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