Broken tooth: extract or root canal and crown?

Apr 25, 2018
I broke off half of my tooth on the bottom, not a molar. I now have only 6 1\2 teeth on the bottom. I have no dental insurance. Went to a dentist today and he says it needs to be extracted. Said the roots look wound tightly on the bone though so I will need a very good oral surgeon. He said I broke off too much of the tooth. He mentioned me getting an implant, then suggested a lower partial. I cannot eat with a partial upper or lower and the costs are $975 each. In Cambodia I got excellent partials for $40. I cannot imagine what an implant would cost in the states. One implant in Cambodia was $200 total.

I thought I had enough tooth left for a root canal and crown. Should I get another opinion?

Mona Lisa



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
If it's not a molar, then half a tooth will prob be insufficient to crown. Whilst a partial denture in Cambodia prob won't be too harmful, they tend to give shitty implants that fail, and then you lose twice over.

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