Cant stop crying

Nov 2, 2023
i have always had a massive phobia of the dentist but braved it and made an appointment. After a few appointments, talking, molds done and a lot of reassurance, I had my front 4 top teeth removed today and dentures fitted and I hate them. I cried as soon as she showed me. They look massive like horse teeth, I’m not exaggerating they look stupid. She filed them down slightly but now they look worse cause the bottom edge is just perfectly straight, no gaps or bit between the teeth to show they are individual. She told me to give it 24 hours as I was swollen and said they will look fine tomorrow if not to call and she would fit me in. I regret getting them done so much and have cried pretty much since. I can’t even look at myself. I look stupid. Is there anything she can do to change the appearance of the

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
If it is a plastic denture, and the aesthetics is way off, the teeth can be replaced with other teeth of a different shape and size. I would suggest allowing at least 2 weeks of healing to take place first

Nov 7, 2023
Many individuals experience profound uneasiness and stress connected with dental issues. It could assist with contacting the dentistry gathering or a psychological wellness proficient who can offer help and understanding. Discussing your thoughts with other people who have gone through comparable circumstances can give solace and significant experiences.

Furthermore, think about conversing with a humane dental specialist regarding your feelings of dread and concerns. They are prepared to deal with patients who are restless or upset, and they can work with you to find an answer that limits your trouble during dental systems.

Finding a way the way to look for help, whether from a discussion or an expert, is a gutsy one. Your sentiments are legitimate, and with the right assistance, you can track down the solidarity to defeat this test and recapture control of your close to home prosperity.


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