Tooth cracked after filling significant pain

Mar 28, 2023
I went into the dentist for a loose filling, upon x rays and consultation they found a myriad of problems.

They performed a normal filling on a pain free tooth, which left me in pain immediately after that I still feel now 3 weeks later, and intensifying. They are now saying that I will need an additonal root canal and crown because „coincidentally“ the tooth is now newly cracked (right after the filling was performed ) and the nerve is now damaged, for some mysterious reason.
The dentist claims that the filling and procedure are not the cause of the crack nor pain, but it is due grinding or other trauma.

The pain has been persistent since the day of the filling, but when I went back in to have it checked the dentist said it looked good in the X-ray ( not infected, fine) .

The tooth mind you, in now sensitive to cold, heat, touch, and the pain has thrones through my scull and jaw.

I then mentioned that the corner edges of the teeth seemed too sharp and peaking and particularly sensitive since the filling. We looked at the tooth together with a mirror and that’s when I noticed the large crack, that the dentist had not noticed before.

I want to know what is the probable cause of the pain and if the filling was done correctly. And what I should do next.

I am apprehensive to have more invasive work done with this clinic. The dentist has prescribed antibiotics which I have finished and Ibuprofen which I have beten taking regularly, which they say is the only measure that can be done until insurance will approve more future procedures. Their root canal specialist only comes in once a month so I will have to deal with the ongoing pain for yet a little over another month.

Should I formally complain?

Attached are before and after filling x rays and a photo of the crack itself.

I greatly appreciate any advice.


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