Can dental work cause an inner ear issue/imbalance?

Mar 24, 2014
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Bare with me, as this is sort of a longer story but I'm looking for opinions. Last July, I had cracked my tooth around a filling I had done (non-metal). I ended up going to my dentist, who cut the tooth down (tooth #31) and fitted me for a gold crown. Gold crown was fitted tight next to tooth #30, not as loose my teeth would normally be. Sometime after this, about 3 days, I developed some weird symptom where I keep feeling like I had some sort of head cloudiness or my eyes would feel like they would roll in the back of my head. I also, somehow, became unbalanced and also became afraid of heights all of the sudden (I never used to be by the way)

Same dentist later discovered that tooth #30, which also had a filling in it, developed deep decay under the filling. He had sent me for a root canal and then eventually put he post in there and put a gold crown on it. Both crowns are next to each other and the way he shaped them, he put them so tight and almost next to each other because he did not want to see any more food get trapped in there under the crown, causing more decay. Also also developed tinnitus around this time too (I think it was right before the root canal though, I can't recall)

Fast forward almost 8 months later, I went to a new dentist who immediately noticed I was unbalanced after checking my teeth and ears. He suggested a few things. He said that the bite on the crown with the root canal was off. He also suggested the crowns were too tight together, giving me issues with nerves on tooth #31. He then suggested that the work that was done, was causing the imbalance in my head especially since I had wisdom teeth removed many years ago (I had no issues after this). He presented me with a few options to fix this and wanted me to go with the cheapest, as he didn't want me to spend money.

Has anyone heard of issues like this? What would be the reccommended fix? I've been to neurologist, they found nothing. I've been to ENT, they told me it was symptoms of Meniere's, regular MDs just told me I was having panic attacks, etc. Curious if dental work can be involved here...
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