Biolactual Crossbite, 2 upper canines are baby teeth!

Jul 29, 2020
I have a biolactual crossbite and my two upper canines are baby teeth (I'm 29 years old). One of my adult teeth can been seen behind one of the baby tooth the other is hidden within the roof of my mouth. I went to see an orthodontist yesterday and was told he was unable to help me and that I needed to find someone more specialist. I'd read about the possibility of braces with chains to bring the adult teeth into place however didn't know I had this crossbite issue as no one has ever mentioned it before. The orthodontist also said there was a high chance the tooth in the roof of my mouth wouldn't move into position and the brace/chain action in itself could do more damage potentially leaving me with a large gap and that I might struggle to get implants if all failed? My parents never took me to the dentist as they saw my teeth as 'perfectly fine'. I found out at 18 that this was not the case. 10 years on I finally have the money to look to fix these things and worry it's too late. Do I leave it and have my fingers crossed for later life? Do I mess about with my teeth with a risk of it not working and messing my teeth up further? If implants are the last option and they will work for me I feel I'll be less worried about the risks of permanent toothless caused by the braces. Just want normal straight teeth and not have to worry about future gaps:( ! Would love to hear your opinions! :)

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

It is difficult to give an exact opinion without any x-rays or a consultation, but usually impacted canines can be moved into the position with braces with or without a chain. If the tooth can't be moved, then usually you can either camouflage your front teeth, by shaping the remaining teeth so that everything appears normal. This is done by various prosthodontic methods. Or an orthodontist can re-space the other teeth, to create space for possible implants.
In severe cases, and in combination with a severe cross-bite, it might be necessary that you will require some sort of surgery. Your orthodontist will then collaborate with another type of specialist-usually an maxillo-facial surgeon.
My opinion would be to get a second opinion from another orthodontist.


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